Robert DK2RO Robert
The CW addict of the team enjoys operating portable style from SOTA summits and WWFF refs. But he is also a keen DXer on HF and a fan of the 6m band. Manager of the CODXG website.

Max DF2MX Max
Max is the youngster in our team. He got his license in late 2012 and since then you can find him on all the ham bands in SSB.

Heinz DC5WW Heinz
He has the most ham radio experience in our team as he was licensed in 1967. He first was an enthusiastic VHF operator but got also into the HF thing later and now is an avid DXer. Besides that, he is the chairman of our local Radio Club.

Thilo DL9NBJ Thilo
QRV in both SSB and CW. Thilo enjoys operating pileups with his mobile/portable setup from the German DLFF refs.

Anton DL8AW Anton
Anton is our SSB guy with a very fast and disciplined modus operandi. He likes DXing from our portable QTH in his spare time. Again he will be the QSL manager for the Dxpedition. Host of the CODXG website.