About Us

We are a loose DX group mainly consisting of operators from in and around Coburg. Our name CODXG means Coburg DX Group. For every expedition we put together a balanced and eager team of operators from our local radio club, ready to face the pile-ups. Of course, we accept other operators as well. Our main goal is having fun during our expeditions, so we do not have a chief member or a strict hierarchy.

During our holidays we enjoy doing some ham radio operation from IOTA islands. Back in 2013 we started as a team of five members: Heinz DC5WW, the chairman of our local amateur radio club, Robert DK2RO, Anton DL8AW, Norbert DL9NAC and Thilo DL9NBJ. Our target was Langeland Island EU-172 in Denmark in summer 2013. Although we had low experience in pile-ups, we managed to do 4001 QSOs in one week. As you know, Denmark is not the rarest dxcc country to be, but our assigned callsign 5Q7Y helped us to pretend being rare. Maybe you know the situation, once you had a large pile-up, you want more. Since then we did a small Dxpedition every year and founded our small DX group in January 2015. The amount of expedition QSOs increased since then.

As a German operator without any IOTA or WWFF reference, congratulations, you are running the least interesting station on earth. Is is very unlikely to generate a pile-up while calling CQ. So our main target is having fun and improving our pile-up skills. We are happy to help operators completing their logbook. Maybe we will be active from a rare DXCC or IOTA island in a few years.

Our unique feature is the realtime logbook, which runs with self-coded software. We are using it on every expedition, where we have a stable and affordable internet connection.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.

We hope to meet your in the pile-ups.