5Q7Y Jegindø EU-171 DXpedition 2014

In 2014 we did an expedition to EU-171 Jegindø island and finished with 5500 QSOs in the log.

EU-171 Jegindø 2014 picture gallery

Final antenna setup

Network setup for live log upload with Raspberry Pi, WLAN-Router and Surfstick

Thilos station

Thilo in the pile-up

Robert mounting the X50 2m antenna

Thilos vertical dipole

Garden and house

Thilo fighting the mosquitos

3 element vertical beam directed to 50°

City sign

Horses in landscape

Thilos station with FT-2000, Expert 2K PA and the LEGO sign of Robert on the right side.

Heinz and Max while setting up 2m X50 antenna

Folding Antennas Beam and Butternut HF-9V

Max showing network analyzer information about Buffernut HF-9V antenna to Thilo.

3-element beam (left) and Folding Antennas Beam

Vertical Dipole is finally set up

Arrival at our house

Max DF2MX (left) and Anton DL8AW (right) in the pile-up