2016-05-22 20:35:43

3 days until departure

Time went by quicker than expected. After weeks of planning, the German team members will start at Thursday 26.05., 16:00 UTC from Coburg. Hopefully, we will arrive in Split the next day early enough to catch the Ferry to Korčula at 08:30 UTC and meet the Croatian team members. The ferry will arrive in Korčula about three hours later. On Saturday, 28.05 at 04:00 UTC we will take a chartered boat to our destination: The island of Palagruža in the midst of the Adrian Sea.


We will use APRS during our trip to Palagruža. From 26.05. until 28.05. we will display a map with our APRS track on this website.

Real time logbook

We hope to be able to provide this service to you. It all depends on whether we are able to establish an internet connection from the island. If things go wrong, we will upload our logbook once a day via Pactor III on short wave.
We hope for good propagation. See you on the bands!