Ham Radio expedition to Palagruža Island (EU-090)

9A8DXG will be QRV from 28.05. until 04.06.2016

Some expedition pictures

Robert and Anton are on their way home now, while the other four German operators continued on to the Seas of Pitvice to relax after the strain of the last week.

Our OQRS system is running well. Until now we have about 82 bureau and 10 direct cards requested.

Final log uploaded

Right now we uploaded our final logbook. If you think, there is a mistake, please send us an email.

OQRS is now enabled. Just enter your callsign on the top right of this website.

Currently we are sitting together in Zavalatica at family Tomic. Tomorrow at 04:15 UTC we will take the ferry from Vela Luka to Split.

Thanks for all the nice contacts with you - see you at the next expedition.


We are now QRT. Final log will be uploaded today. QSL cards can be requested tomorrow.

Thank you for all the QSOs. 9A8DXG
18th generation of international students of War School "Ban Josip Jelačić". This is part of their education program for the highest military grade.
Anton testing raw ray caught by the lighthouse keepers
Only for Emir's wife Srnka. They requested nature pictures without antennas :-)
Mala Palagruza from Military Helicopter
Helicopter viewed from the lighthouse

At wednesday a group of 20 military students and generals came to a visit to Palagruza. It is part of their educational plan.

They visited our shack and asked us about our hobby. They showed great interest and were surprised about our activity.

We are publishing now, because we were waiting for permission to publish these images and pieces of information

Reached 7000 QSOs

A few minutes ago we reached 7000 QSOs. The expedition was quite a success, although propagation was not very good for DX.

At 13:00 UTC we will start with the antenna teardown. A wire antenna will be left until tomorrow morning, so we can do some QSOs this evening.